CA 20K-MORGS Thigh Pad

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It is designed to protect the thighs of a batsman. Its composition ensures the protection and efficient performance of a player while playing all sorts of shots. Quick agile movements of feet are possible with this slim ergonomic product,  manufactured from specially molded pads stitched in durable polyester fabric.
Secondly, an additional protection area that is covering the iliac crest is a very important feature of this product which makes it a player quality grade gear.  The front and back thigh shields are attachable and detachable with the help of a strong reinforced sticking mechanism which helps the batsman to adjust it accordingly to the body form and playing posture.


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  • An essential gear of the Plus 20K series.
  • Can be used inside and outside of trouser.
  • Ensures maximum movability and freedom of playing shots.
  • Ergonomic product with minimal contact with thigh area with maximum protection.
  • Slimmer and lighter.
  • Can be worn inside and on top of the trouser.
  • Curved molded thighs.

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